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Υorgos Ziakas transferred his precious experience from the theatre to the screen and worked with the foremost mythopoeic genius of the Greek cinema, Theo Angelopoulos, in seven of his films. Angelopoulos used to work with a select few associates and Ziakas, through a relationship which was not always easy, became part of that small group. Today he offers us an important book, Yorgos Ziakas; Theatre, Cinema, Painting (Athens, Themelio Publishers), and on this occasion we have the opportunity to organise, in collaboration with the Greek Film Centre, an exhibition curated by Ziakas and Papatsarouchas at the Greek Film Archive Museum, with photographs and mockups of costumes from by Theo Anegelopoulos’ films, including his last unfinished piece The Other Sea, as well as material from a film by Yorgos Stamboulopoulos.
Ziakas’ collaboration with Angelopoulos has bequeathed us a priceless corpus of visual art. As Ziakas notes: “His cinematic style carries a strong theatric element… The Hunters and Alexander the Great are my favourites… They express the brilliance of his mind and his sensitivity in grasping and executing his shots and of course the overall compo- sition and completion of the film.” The “gallery” of the bourgeois char- acters contrasted with the guerillas in the Hunters, the compositions with the Alexander’s attire and the black costumes of his companions in contrast to the lively colors of the anarchists and the old-style dress code of English aristocrats, are all valuable records of a happy period of the Greek cinema. Of especial artistic interest are also the costumes for the Two Suns in the Sky, a historical film set in the Byzantine era by Yorgos Stamboulopoulos.
Maria Komninos

Oct 2018
Tuesday / 17:00

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Oct 2018
Wednesday / 20:00

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Oct 2018
Friday / 18:00

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Oct 2018
Monday / 20:30

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